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Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation participates in the Golden Bazaar ceremony at the Family Park

On the occasion of the Spring Festivals, the Egyptian Cure Bank participated in the Golden Bazaar ceremony, which was held inside the Family Park in Rehab, amid the participation of businesswomen and the community to present the programs and activities of the Egyptian Cure Bank, where the bank presented its marketing and medical programs and how to join patients who are unable to join the bank's database, and one of the most important programs is the treatment for production program to eliminate the C virus by 2020, through which he explained the plan that the bank is following to eliminate this virus by 2020, which was welcomed by the attendees, and on the other hand, the bank presented the prevention program is better than cure, as the bank was keen to educate the attendees about how to prevent diseases and viruses, which was on top of the prevention of virus (C), and the institution concluded its presence by clarifying the ways to donate to the bank's programs, which were headed by the unified bank account number in 666777 banks and permanent marketing sites (City Stars - Hyper One - Dandy Mall - City Square - Concord Mall - Heliopolis Club - Al Jazira Club)