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Medical Convoys

The aim of the medical convoys is to reach those in need of medical service in their places of residence in the governorates and remote areas. The Egyptian Cure Bank is committed to integrated convoys by providing medical treatments during the convoy and performing surgeries that appear as a result of medical examination for all patients.
1- A convoy consisting of doctors, nursing staff and technicians will be accompanied by the necessary medical equipment and devices to detect cases in the targeted area.
2- The drug is dispensed to patients and it is determined whether the case needs surgical intervention or medical glasses.
3- The necessary tests are done for the patient to determine the extent of his need for the appropriate operation or treatment for his condition.
4- Carrying out operations for cases for which operations have been identified after detection in the convoy
5 - Disbursement of glasses that have been taken measurements in the convoy and distributed to cases.
Medical specialties are determined according to the results of field exploration and are often in (Children - Bones - Dermatology - Chest Diseases - Ear Nose - Surgery - ... etc.)