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Al-Khair Banks launch a convoy of food, Cure and clothing for the villages and gatherings of Marsa Alam (Al-Shorouk Newspaper)

– The convoy includes 3,000 food parcels, 3,000 blankets and a medical convoy Al-Khair Banks launched a convoy of food, healing and clothing to the villages and gatherings of Marsa Alam, which includes 3,000 food and flour parcels from the Food Bank, and 3,000 blankets from the Clothing Bank, and they were distributed to the most needy poor families in Marsa Alam. Dr. Moez Al-Shahdi, CEO of Al-Khair Banks, said that the convoy was distributed to the villages of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly and its gatherings, the village of Abu Ghosoun and its dependencies, the village of Hamata, Azab Ras Banas, the village of Baranes and its gatherings, and the convoy also reached the concentration of deception 70 km from Shalateen. He pointed out that the most important feature of this convoy is the distribution to population centers in the mountains such as Nazik, Deception, Ras Banas, um Hashim, Saieh and Hafait to ensure that aid reaches poor families in remote places. He added that Al-Khair Banks is the first party in Egypt to reach the beneficiaries in the villages of Marsa Alam on the ground, to deliver aid to them, and meet their needs of food, clothing and medical convoys. He pointed out that the convoys program in Al-Khair banks is preparing to launch other convoys targeting the governorates of Marsa Matrouh, Siwa and the New Valley.