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The Egyptian Cure Bank announces the resumption of the activity of ophthalmology convoys in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate to activate its role in prevention and treatment

Dr. Neamat Mady, Director of the Medical Convoys Department at Shifa Bank, stressed the bank's interest in developing the bank's patient database and developing health services for the poorest and neediest areas by organizing specialized medical convoys, sending doctors in all medical specialties, and preparing cooperation protocols with many service providers in different governorates, within the framework of the health strategic plan to support very poor areas in health services, to make strong links, and to stimulate joint cooperation and early detection of diseases. From this standpoint, the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation organized a convoy to Al-Hamouli Center on Sunday, March 20, 2016 to serve the people of the village of Al-Hafir Al-Sabi so that the people of the village do not resort to long travel and incur the trouble to reach a place with a distinguished health service. The Egyptian Cure Bank coordinated with Dar Al-Oyoun Hospital to provide modern medical devices and specialized doctors at the highest level to detect the target number, provide distinguished medical service, perform surgeries for eligible cases, and medical follow-up after the end of the convoy. It was noted through research and exploration that there are many patients within the province suffering from poor vision, some of them need to perform surgeries as soon as possible and some of them need medical glasses to preserve the rest of their vision, and from here the target numbers of the people of the village were detected and the result was that 735 cases were detected and 302 medical glasses were provided for cases with poor vision and 124 surgeries were performed for patients Their condition required surgical intervention and 45 cases were examined to ensure the safety of patients. She concluded by saying that the Egyptian Cure Bank did not limit its role to the work of the convoy or conduct the examination only, but also played its main role in the framework of awareness programs and reducing the spread of diseases, as it educated patients on how to reduce the spread of diseases with the need to follow sound and healthy habits that were a major cause of the spread of diseases among them, but also followed up on sick cases until the work is completed and the convoy achieves the desired goal, Within the framework of the patient's right to provide a good medical service worthy of the human condition in all villages and hamlets, as The Egyptian Cure Bank always bears the donor's trust in the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation and upgrading the health status of patients who are unable to afford the cost of treatment.