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Within the framework of the plan of Egyptian Cure Bank to cover all governorates of Egypt with ophthalmology convoys, the Egyptian Cure Bank targets the governorate of (Ismailia and Sharqia)

Mr. Mohamed Farghal, Executive Director of the Egyptian Cure Bank, confirmed the interest of the Egyptian Cure Bank in the need to provide integrated health care for the Egyptian Cure Bank database, which starts from medical examination to providing treatment and performing surgeries for deserving patients, with the need to provide health awareness to patients to reduce the spread of diseases, within the framework of the Egyptian Cure Bank's campaign to treat unable patients and target the poorest villages. After research and study, the Egyptian Shifa Bank team targeted centers within the governorates of (Ismailia - Eastern) with Ramad convoys after it was found that the people of the region needed the Ramad convoys. For his part, His Excellency stated that medical convoys will be organized within the targeted areas so that the people of the village do not resort to travel and incur trouble, to reach a place with a distinguished health service, hence the convoys management coordinated with Dar Al-Oyoun Hospital to provide modern medical devices and specialized doctors at the highest level to detect the target number and perform surgeries for eligible cases and medical follow-up after the end of the convoy. After the location of the convoy was determined, the convoy was equipped in the city of Ismailia, Abu Suwayr Center, in the Family Medicine Unit, and 355 cases of ophthalmology were examined, 140 medical glasses were provided, and 50 different ophthalmology operations were performed for patients whose condition required it. At the level of the Eastern convoy, Dr. Neamat Mady, Director of the Convoys Department, stated that the convoy was equipped with all the equipment that ensures the provision of a health service worthy of patients at the Husseiniya Center in the village of Bahr Al-Baqar 2, and confirmed for its part that without the confidence of donors in the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation, we would not have reached the treatment of this huge number of cases, as more than 670 cases were detected, which showed through the detection the need of cases for Quranic examinations, where more than 60 cases were examined and 105 ophthalmic surgeries were performed, and 260 eyeglasses were provided.