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Egyptian Cure Bank signs a contract with Cairo Specialized Hospital to treat patients who are unable to afford treatment

A member of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation, Mr. Moez Al-Shahdi, explained to Al-Alam Al-Youm newspaper that a contract was signed with Cairo Specialized Hospital, where the contract was signed at the hospital with the Chairman and Managing Director, Prof. Dr. Tarek Zahid. Al-Shahdi stated that based on the bank's objectives in providing treatment to patients who are unable to do the best treatment and based on the social responsibility of Cairo Specialized Hospital, which kindly donated a number of free examinations annually, as well as a number of free nights annually, in addition to many discounts for the bank's patients, he also stated that the bank may sign many agreements with many hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers, clinics, pharmaceutical factories, pharmacists and all distinguished health service providers who They have the desire to participate in the community to provide their services and products to the bank's patients in all governorates through the bank's health programs * Comprehensive health care program: includes medical examination service, radiology, analysis, surgical procedures, provision of prosthetic devices and dispensing treatment (repeated treatment of chronic diseases - non-recurrent treatment) Program for the development and support of private hospitals: includes the modernization of medical devices, the provision of medical supplies and the development of services. Prevention program is better than cure, such as anti-virus and medical awareness programs to protect against diseases. Emergency medical relief program in cases of disasters and crises, God forbid. All these programs need the solidarity and support of donors from businessmen, companies, institutions and banks to achieve the bank's goals, and the bank has opened an account in all banks with a unified number 666777 to receive donations and the call center number for inquiries 16655 and appears in the picture Member of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation, Mr. Moez Al-Shahdy, and Chairman and Managing Director of Cairo Specialized Hospital, Prof. Dr. Tarek Zahid.