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Announcement of the establishment of the bank - Ahram Gate Sunday 7-3-2010

**Al-Shifa Bank to provide medicine and treatment of the unable for free** Shifa Bank is the latest NGO in a diverse list of Egyptian charitable banks to help eradicate hunger, poverty and disease, especially after the success of the Food Bank. On the way, preparations are underway to establish a clothing bank, another bank to prepare young people for work, and a third bank to build housing for the afflicted and needy. This is what Niazi Salam, President of the Food Bank, announced at a seminar organized by the Egyptian Civil Society Project at the American University on the role of media and civil society in responding to the flooding disaster in Sinai and Aswan. In a statement to Al-Ahram delegates Safaa Shaker and Hala Al-Sayed, the CEO of the Board of Directors of Al-Shifa Bank, Dr. Ahmed El-Ezaby, said: The idea of his project is based on providing free medicines to the poor and unable classes, especially with the high prices of medicine, and the costs of treatment. Dr. El-Ezaby adds that Al-Shifa Bank will also provide financial contributions with the medical and health sectors to treat those who are unable to treat those who have exhausted the means of treatment at the expense of the state, in addition to providing assistance for surgeries, in cooperation with doctors and various hospitals. Al-Shifa Bank is expected to organize a medical convoy during the month of March that will tour the villages of Beni Suef Governorate to learn about the most prevalent diseases, methods of treatment and the assistance it can provide.