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Egyptian Cure Bank launches "Treat Your Patients with Charity" Campaign to Treat the Unable

Egyptian Cure Bank is preparing to conduct a marketing campaign on the ongoing charity program before and during The month of Ramadan, under which the program «Treat your patients with charity« falls in order to continue In treating patients who are unable to do so. Dr. Moez El-Shahdy, CEO of Egyptian Cure Bank, said that the goal of Certification is the treatment of patients who are unable to afford the cost of treatment, indicating that the benefit Which will return to the donor from contributing to the certificate program treat your patients with charity is The reward for charity is to benefit from the healing intention of a patient he loves, and the value of the certificate goes to treat A needy patient who is unable to afford the cost Treatment includes detection and analysis Radiology, treatment and surgeries. He added that the certificate categories (10 - 50 - 100 – 500 ,) and the contribution and sending a certificate of Dawawa Your patients with charity to the patient by choosing The program is from the donation page and filled with patient data On the donation page and enter a received email The certificate then click on (Donate Now) to send The certificate directly with a message showing the name Bought the certificate with wishes for a speedy recovery. On the other hand, the CEO of the bank said Al-Shifa Al-Masri Bank during this The month with interest in women through the program Early detection of unable ladies »Widows, Orphans, orphaned girls and the elderly« pointing that the bank bears all costs whether they are Medical examinations or analyzes and x-rays.