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Aswan Governor Inaugurates Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital – Veto Gate Newspaper

Major General Ashraf Attia, Governor of Aswan, inaugurated the intensive care unit at Aswan University Hospital, which was fully equipped by the Egyptian Cure Bank in record time to serve 1.6 million people from Aswan Governorate, in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Ghallab, President of Aswan University, and Dr. Moez El-Shahdi, CEO of the Egyptian Cure Bank. This comes within the framework of the Egyptian Cure Bank's plan to equip and support intensive care departments in government and university hospitals within the most needy governorates, especially Upper Egypt governorates, in order to provide the best medical care to patients. The intensive care unit includes basic devices for each bed (ventilators, patient follow-up screens, solution pump devices, solution syringe devices, in addition to 10 electric beds for patients controlled by the patient and nurse in all patient care conditions, as well as other auxiliary devices such as (electrical suction devices, defibrillator, electrocardiogram and airmattresses). During the opening of the intensive care unit, Major General Ashraf Attia praised the national and societal role of the Egyptian Cure Bank in upgrading the health system and working to support and support government efforts by equipping the intensive care unit in Aswan University Hospitals, which will contribute to raising the level of quality of treatment service provided to the Aswan citizen. He added that there is a vital role for Aswan University Hospital to receive patients in light of the employment of most central and qualitative hospitals as isolation for Corona Covid-19 patients, and we are racing against time to develop, replace and renovate 11 hospitals and 112 health units at a total cost of EGP 12.3 billion as part of the ongoing preparations for the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system among the governorates of the first phase. For his part, Dr. Moez Al-Shahdi, CEO of Egyptian Cure Bank, said that the bank has been working for ten years to provide a system of free health care for citizens who are unable to afford the cost of treatment from members of the Egyptian society through our expertise in the field of charitable and health work, and our strong and permanent partnerships with entities concerned with providing health service from government and university hospitals. Al-Shahdi added that the intensive care unit is an essential component in any hospital, which is what we call the "life-saving unit for patients", and during the past years, the Egyptian Cure Bank has supported several intensive care units with ventilators and assistive devices, to be the fourth intensive care unit within Aswan University Hospital. It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian Cure Bank is one of the most important leading NGOs in stimulating the energies of goodness, and providing treatment to the unable groups through a number of programs, including the development of hospitals, where 65 university and government hospitals and a charitable clinic were supported by providing them with modern medical devices, medicines and medical supplies, including 27 university hospitals with a total value of donations of EGP 54 million. In addition to medical convoys to provide medical needs to the poorest areas, the convoys have so far reached 164 convoys, in addition to sponsoring more than 11,000 surgeries for those who are unable to do so, and more than 8,000 eye surgeries, as well as services for dispensing prescriptions, radiology and analyzes for those who are unable to do so.