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Egyptian Cure Bank Cooperates with Etisalat Misr in Supporting El Gomhoria Hospital "Business and Finance Newspaper"

Dr. Moez Al-Shahdi revealed the President Executive Bank of Egypt Cure for The Bank's cooperation with Etisalat Misr, In support of Al-Jumhuriya Hospital from During the delivery of two ventilators to the hospital Industrial for intensive care unit to increase The hospital's capacity. Al-Shahdi added that the company Etisalat Misr funded and supported The project to serve patients and contributed Bank Healing in the purchase and provision of devices at the best prices to get the most out of it For patients and with the support and donation of Etisalat Egypt. Egyptian Cure Bank was launched with the beginning of Corona crisis 4 important initiatives to combat The virus to support the health sector as well as families who deserve to be protected from The spread of the virus. Initiatives included »Protect us, support them« which he launched Bank for disinfection and sterilization of hospitals and medical staff and their families, and were directed The initiative for medical workers, Where visits were made to a number of Hospitals in all governorates of Egypt, And provide it with all the necessary devices and equipment To raise the efficiency of its units, in light of the spread of Coronavirus. It was the second initiative he launched Egyptian Cure Bank is an initiative Breathe »Save a Life« and the Bank collaborated in it With a number of companies and institutions In the purchase of ventilators new ones and sent to isolation hospitals Medical to save those infected with the Corona virus And provide the best medical care for them as well Equipping intensive care rooms, either The third initiative was the "Revival" initiative. A respirator equals a life", aiming The Bank through this initiative to reform Renovation of ventilators Disabled in government hospitals And raise its efficiency. The Egyptian Cure Bank launched the initiative Fourth »Protective Bag« in order to protect The needy and the simple from dangers coronavirus, as they don't have Material ability to purchase sterilization tools and purification to protect themselves and their children from contracting the virus so he will Al-Shifa Bank distributes the bag On eligible families whose data are present At the bank.