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Minister of Solidarity inspects projects of multiple banks of goodness in Egypt's villages (Akhbar Al-Youm)

On Thursday, February 9, Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Ghada Wali visited the headquarters of Al-Khair Banks in the Third Settlement, as an initiative to encourage charitable institutions. Wali praised the size of the work and the clear achievement of the banks of «Egyptian food», «Egyptian Shifa», «Egyptian clothing» and «decent life», stressing that civil work in Egypt since the thirties of the last century is developing until social work has become part of the means of development in the state. Wali also explored with Dr. Niazi Salam, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Moez Al-Shahdy, Managing Director, the entire administrative building, in addition to the packaging factory and the rooftop planting project of the Egyptian Food Bank. The directors of the departments explained the method of work of good banks for each department separately and the multiple programs to serve the needy in all villages of Egypt. Wali met cordially with all the employees of Al-Khair Banks and encouraged them, and praised their efforts in the field of charitable work and her sense of positive energy evident in the place, pointing to the effective role played by Al-Khair Banks in the field of organizing random charitable work in Egypt. Dr. Niazi Salam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Khair Banks, invited Wali to visit the Egyptian Food Bank farm on the Alexandria-Cairo Desert Road and the Egyptian Food Bank factory in Badr City, and inspect the various projects of Al-Khair Banks in the villages of Egypt.