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"National Liver" and "Egyptian Cure Bank" study new sources of funding for organ transplant surgeries

The National Liver Institute is studying with the Egyptian Cure Bank to find new financing mechanisms for liver transplant surgeries for patients who are unable to do so, and the National Liver Institute intends to establish a survey unit for liver patients before the end of next December, and Al-Shifa Bank signs a cooperation protocol with the health insurance within a few days. Dr. Mohamed Ismail, Dean of the National Liver Institute, told the bourse that communication is currently underway with a number of entities, including Al-Shifa Bank, to find sources of funding to enable liver transplants for patients. He explained that the institute began using nanoknife technology to treat microliver tumors, a device that exists only in the National Liver Institute and the Oncology Institute nationwide. He added that this device treats cases that are not suitable for surgery, chemical injections or heat frequency as a result of infection with foci of liver tumors that are difficult to reach. He said that the "Nano Knife" device was able to treat 5 patients, and they will be announced within days, and the cost of the device does not exceed 2 million pounds, while the treatment of oncology patients reaches 30 million pounds. He said that the institute plans to establish a survey unit to withdraw water from liver patients without surgery before the end of next December, and is studying the use of a new technology to remove tumors without surgery. Mohamed Farghaly, Executive Director of Shifa Bank, said that the bank is cooperating with the National Liver Institute on an ongoing basis, and is currently discussing financing liver transplant surgeries. He mentioned that the bank contributed to the development of 40 health units between government hospitals and clinics at an estimated cost of EGP 8 mn, led by Demerdash and El-Arish General Hospital. He pointed out that a coalition of 5 parties, most notably Misr El-Kheir, Al-Shifa Bank and Food Bank, has been formed to carry out various works to help the poor and sick. He said that this destruction intends to sign a cooperation protocol with the Cure Insurance within a few days to help patients undergo cochlear implants at the expense of the state.