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"Protect Us_Support Them" initiative from Persil and in cooperation with the Egyptian Cure Bank in light of facing the Corona virus in Egypt"

The Egyptian Cure Bank of Egypt visited the May Quarantine Hospital last Thursday, March 26th, and the visit saw the presence of the CEO of Dr. Dr. Mohammed Farghal to supervise himself the delivery process and to make all proceedings in effect properly. The visit comes the framework of her campaign to visit the group of quarantine hospitals, where the beginning of May 15 hospital was to provide adequate support to the medical sector from medical supplies and moral support in their response to coronavirus, COVID-19. The visit came within the initiative to supported by Persil and the Cure Bank Foundation devoted to supporting medical personnel in the light of their response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Task Team at Egyptian Cure Bank is preparing for a series of visits to different quarantine hospitals in all governorates to assist in the campaign resulting from the cooperation of Brussel and the Cure Bank Foundation and, 'cause we're always in the vicinity of them. The campaign comes in light of the pledges campaign announced by the Cure Bank Foundation in view of its community role that every individual or institution in the state must face the perimeter threat, where the number of infections in the latest statement of the Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt reached 576 confirmed infections, and the healing process reached 121 cases along with the death of 36 people in their rapidly spreading virus.