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Facts about surgery Twenty million pounds have been spotted by the Shifa Bank of Egypt since 2010: 2015 for the surgical surgery program What are the surgeries and their importance?
Surgery is the medical technique that is performed for the patient as an urgent need to preserve his life or to enable a body member to perform his job properly so that the patient can play his role in society or work and support his family to protect her from collapse What amounts are required to do surgery?
Surgery is expensive to cover the following medical expenses: pre-surgery medical examinations (analyses, radiation) pay for the doctor and the assistant team in the operation, medicine and medical supplies, hospital stay and health care The cost of the big operation is between 50,000 pounds to 300,000 pounds depending on the type of operation The cost of the small or medium operation is between 2,000 pounds to less than 50,000 pounds depending on the type of operation.