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Dawo Mrdakom through Sadka

Its purpose is to direct part of the value of gifts (roses - chocolates) when visiting the patient to charity provided to the Egyptian Cure Bank by purchasing the certificate of visiting the patient from the Egyptian Cure Bank for the purpose of donating to treat a patient who is unable to afford the costs of treatment and the buyer of the certificate presents it as a gift when visiting a close patient or friend with the intention of curing him. **Where does the value of the certificate go?** Its value goes to the treatment of a needy patient who is unable to afford the cost of treatment: (Examination - Analysis - X-ray - Treatment - Surgeries) Certificate Categories ( 100 – 500 ) How to contribute and send the certificate of treating your patients with charity to the patient through the official website of the bank? When you choose the program from the donation page, fill in the patient's data on the donation page, enter the e-mail of the recipient of the certificate, then click on (Donate Now), the certificate will be sent directly with a message indicating the name of the buyer of the certificate with wishes for a speedy recovery.