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Prosthetic device

The prosthetic system is considered a rehabilitation and development project for the disabled person in order to (raise morale - ability to work - develop his skills at work - a sense of not relying on others - practice his life normally). Apply to a person who was born with a birth defect, or an accident occurred that led to his disability, or the presence of any defect in an organ in his body. Through prosthetics, a person is transformed from a disabled person to a person who can benefit, help and support his family. The prices of prosthetics start at about 7,000 pounds, and wheelchairs are given to people who cannot move completely. Contribute with us to change the life of a person who is unable to stand on his feet with your participation in changing the patient's life and letting him work and provide for the needs of his family with your support, we will provide thousands of prosthetic devices for those who are unable to do so.