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Egyptian Cure Bank convoys invade the land of turquoise (Qasima-Hassana-Al-Manbtah) in central Sinai

Since the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation was launched to be the support of Egyptian patients who are unable and the Egyptian Cure Bank bears the responsibility of directing the donations that the philanthropists participated in with their confidence in the Egyptian Cure Bank for unable patients, it always seeks to target the poorest places to provide medical services in order to deliver the right of patients to quality health care throughout the Republic. As usual, the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation targets the poorest villages through mobile medical convoys. In this convoy, he targeted the land of turquoise in central Sinai to meet the needs of the people of Sinai Governorate (detection, analysis, free treatment and surgeries). Dr. Neamat Mady, Director of the Convoys Department, stated that the move of the Egyptian cure Bank came out of faith in the right of the people of Sinai to reach health services to them to the fullest, and she expressed her happiness to reach these remote areas in Sinai Governorate, stressing that the governorate is among the bank's priorities in combating the spread of diseases and treatment, as the move was made to Sinai, targeting three areas that suffer from the lack of health service for them, namely (Al-Qasima - Al-Hassana - Al-Manbatah), where the processing and detection were carried out through The health unit of each region and the convoy lasted for 3 days to suffice the needs of the people of the regions of detection and treatment, where the convoy was equipped to include the detection of diseases (bones - children - abdomen - skin). In terms of the number of cases, she stated that the numbers that were detected were expected since the areas were examined before being in them, as the number of prescriptions that were disbursed free of charge to patients reached more than 792 prescriptions and more than 800 different cases were detected.